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Easy Mower Maintenance

lawn-mower-services-picIt’s a very busy time of year for Green Trade! We are wrapping up on the summer landscaping jobs and gearing up for the winter season. We thought we’d share a few tips for storing your lawn mower and trimmers. These are processes that we follow to make sure our equipment lasts as long as it possibly can.

Taking care of your equipment will ensure it works properly season after season. The first rule of thumb is to do it at the end of the season, but early spring is still a good option. Set aside about an hour to complete the prep. You will need:

 A pan to hold old oil

 New oil

 Gas stabilizer (unless our tank is empty)

 New air filter & spark plugs (check the owner’s manual for specs)

 Hose & bristle brush

 Gloves

First, check your operators manual to make sure you are following manufacturer’s directions related to oil and gas, filters and spark plugs. (Most manuals are available online if you can’t find yours!)

1. Clean the mower – top and underside. Disconnect the spark plug before doing any work on the mower. Spray the top and wheels to clear away all debris. Then, tip the mower gently and spray the underside to get rid of any grass or debris. Use the bristle brush for any stuck on material…do not use your hands on the underside.

2. Drain the oil and gas. Use an oil pan to collect the old oil – you can recycle the oil to undercoat your lawn mower. It is recommended that you run your mower until there is no gas. If you are storing it for the winter with gas still in it, there are a few simple rules to follow: make sure the tank is full. Use a gas stabilizer, following manufacturer’s instructions. Run the mower for a few minutes to ensure the stabilizer gets through the carburetor as well.

3. Change your air filter. (check owner’s manual for specs.)

4. Change the spark plugs. (check owner’s manual.)

5. Sharpen the mower blade. This is not for the inexperienced person – most small equipment repair shops will do that for you for a small fee.

6. Store the mower in a dry place.

7. Put your feet up and enjoy the few months where you don’t have to mow, and the snow hasn’t started yet!

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